Niovy Olympia Donker-Chiotakis passes away

To our great regret we had to say goodbye to Niovy Olympia Donker-Chiotakis, the wife of Charles Donker, one of the godfathers of ANF.

Niovy died completely unexpected while walking the streets of their...

Laurent Willenegger: “La Grande Année”

In March 2017 during the latest ANF project in Jordan and Israel, we had for the first time the privilege to work together with the dynamic and talented Swiss artist Laurent Willenegger. A real ‘Plein Air’ artists with and...

“Peter Vos. Illustrated Letters”

Peter Vos 1935 - 2010

Recently a marvelous book was published "Peter Vos. Illustrated Letters”
Including a letter to Ysbrand Brouwers ANF’s Founder/Director a letter from 1994.
A thank you for the trip he made...