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ANF Projects and Results 1990 – 2018

Conservation Results for 14 Projects: ANF Projects and Results 1990 - 2018 (PDF) >>    
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Niovy and Charles. Photo by Gijsbert van der Wal

Niovy Olympia Donker-Chiotakis passes away

To our great regret we had to say goodbye to Niovy Olympia Donker-Chiotakis, the wife of Charles Donker, one of the godfathers of ANF. Niovy died completely unexpected while walking the streets of their home town Utrecht. We had a wonderful get-together and shared in her memory stories and a ...
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Oder Delta Guesthouse

Oder Delta Guesthouse in the small village Kopice, Poland

When we woke up the first morning in the yard of Iwona and Reginald, a pair of Fieldfares was looking for worms next to the camper. From 3 sides we heard Cranes calling and the Golden Oriole was singing nearby as well. A White Stork was looking for something to ...
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La Grande Annee Laurent Willenegger at work in the Negev desert in Israel

Laurent Willenegger: “La Grande Année”

In March 2017 during the latest ANF project in Jordan and Israel, we had for the first time the privilege to work together with the dynamic and talented Swiss artist Laurent Willenegger. A real ‘Plein Air’ artists with and enormous drive and production. In the beginning of May an impressive 400 ...
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Peter Vos. Illustrated Letters

“Peter Vos. Illustrated Letters”

Peter Vos 1935 - 2010 Recently a marvelous book was published "Peter Vos. Illustrated Letters” Including a letter to Ysbrand Brouwers ANF’s Founder/Director a letter from 1994. A thank you for the trip he made with ANF to the Extremadura in Spain (page 247) The book is in Dutch and ...
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Paul Winter – Saving the Dead Sea

Here is a fantastic film by Israeli filmmaker Yuval Dax of musician Paul Winter talking about the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is shrinking at an alarming rate due to man's need for water from its tributaries for human and agricultural consumption from all sides of the Rift Valley. The ...
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Nick Derry – Red Fox

The lowest place on Earth is getting lower and lower. I have had the enormous privilege to be part of the Artists for Nature Foundation's project to raise awareness of the plight of this unique place. I'm working while the memories are still fresh! So happy to have opaque media ...
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The Artists For Nature Dead Sea Project Makes TV Headlines

Israeli TV Channel 1 news report from March 29th on the Artists for Nature Bringing the Dead Sea to Life through Art and Music project 2017  
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A Steppe Eagle flying over the Eilat Mountains

Here is some fantastic footage produced by Taiwanese photographer Chieh-Te Liang of a Steppe Eagle over the Eilat Mountains
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Chieh Te Liang’s video of our visit to Wadi Zarkee Main

Chieh Te Liang filmed the Artists for Nature in Jordan.
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MacQueen’s Bustard and Sandgrouse

Today the artists had a very early start to see the MacQueen's Bustard and the extremely elusive Sandgrouse. We set off at 5 am, which means in fact 4 am since the clock went an hour forward. With the very first sunlight we arrived at the hide close to the Egyptian ...
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The Desert Sparrow

From Amir Balaban we learned that the Desert Sparrow builds a large, hollow, round nest of sticks and twigs in which the female lay her eggs. The interior becomes a microclimate that keeps the eggs from becoming too warm under the hot Israeli sun, where temperatures can easily reach 50 ...
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