“Peter Vos. Illustrated Letters”

Peter Vos 1935 - 2010

Recently a marvelous book was published "Peter Vos. Illustrated Letters”
Including a letter to Ysbrand Brouwers ANF’s Founder/Director a letter from 1994.
A thank you for the trip he made with ANF to the Extremadura in Spain (page 247)
The book is in Dutch and everyone who admires the art of this marvelous and very interesting artist ,
should have this this beautifully published amazing book! (265 pages).

ISBN9789047621829 / NUR 322 + 646


Monday May 1st

NPO 2 - Dutch TV

20.25 Het uur van de Wolf, Vogelparadijs - Peter Vos, Tekenaar
A 1hour 35 minute film you shouldn't miss!

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