• Andrew Haslen - Singing Whitethroat
    Andrew Haslen - Singing Whitethroat
  • Vadim Gorbatov - Evening, bats
    Vadim Gorbatov - Evening, bats
  • Jonathan Yule - Moonlit cows
    Jonathan Yule - Moonlit cows
  • Denis Clavreul - At school
    Denis Clavreul - At school
  • Art for the Love of Sark - Project book
    Art for the Love of Sark - Project book

Dear Artists and supporters of ANF,

We live in confusing times with the ongoing pandemic. Potential projects are postponed or canceled so are exhibitions of projects like The Dead Sea and Jankovich Birtok in Hungary.

However, we are full of hope that we soon can start again with an interesting project we are planning with the university of Ljubljana in Slovenia in summer 2022.

Hope and faith in a brighter future with a photo of light from the writing studio in our garden.

Board and director of ANF wishing you all a

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy and Healthy
New Year 2022

In Memoriam 2021

Henri Elink Schuurman

On May the 14th 2021 Henri Elink Schuurman sadly passed away.
We at ANF and many artists have fond memories of Henri and his wife Marta.
His limitless enthusiasm and hospitality were infectious.

After retiring of the Dutch diplomatic service, Henri bought the Finca Santa Marta and the finca Theresa near Trujillo in the Extremadura in Spain and started there a rural hotel. Shortly after that, we twice ‘landed’ in the finca for our 3rd ANF project “The flight of the Cranes to Extremadura”.
In a chapter of the book, there are many pictures and stories about the finca and the direct surroundings showing the beauty and diversity of the buildings and landscape. After the crane projects, several artists like John Busby, David Measures, John & Jane Paige and Peter Partington and others returned to the Finca for bird watching, to relax, draw and paint or to conduct a painting workshop.

Henri remains in our thoughts as well as his world in many drawings and paintings painted at Finca Santa Marta.

Ysbrand Brouwers

Henri Elink Schuurman

John Phillips Paige

I discovered John Paige’s remarkable art in “20th Century Wildlife Artists” by Nicholas Hammond, published in 1986.
Some years after that publication, I visited him and his artist wife Jane for the first time together with Robin D’Arcy Shillcock, co-founder of ANF.
When entering the Manor House at Kings Cliffe, there was no doubt we were in the home of artists. All the walls were covered with art, not only their own, but many drawings, paintings and sculptures of artist friends.
They were running art classes in one of the side buildings for decades and the late Greg Poole lived in a cottage in their garden, a jewel in its own right.
After a career as an officer in the British army, John well in his thirties, went to art school and developed over the years in collage, watercolour, oils and different printing techniques a very personal and in the wildlife genre modern style.

We have very fond memories of the many times we stayed with them in the days of the British Bird Watching Fair, together with other artists we had unforgettable get togethers and most interesting conversations and joy.
During the Copper River Delta Project in Alaska, it took John a couple of days to get used to the American eating habits and way of life, but he enjoyed every minute of it and returned a few years later to show Jane what he had seen and experienced. So many precious memories like the trip we made together to India and the days they came to Bruinehaar for the first and the last time together to celebrate the long weekend round my 70st birthday in the Netherlands with so many artists and friends from all over the world.

At the venerable age of 94, John Paige very peacefully passed on in his sleep, leaving his art as a reminder of his fine qualities as an artist and man.

Ysbrand Brouwers

John and Jane at a train station in India
(Photo Siegfried Woldhek)

Oil painting of John by Jane Leycester Paige

Gerda Leegsma (1951-2021)

When in 1990 publisher Gerda Leegsma and her partner Bert Nuis heard about ANF’s idea to make a book with work produced by artists on the Dutch barrier island of Schiermonnikoog, she immediately said Yes, I’ll do it! The book ‘Wind, Wad en Waterverf’ was published by their brand-new publishing house Benjamin & Partners. It celebrated the barrier island’s natural riches as observed by an international group of artists, 25 in all that visited the island in 1990 and 1991. It was at the farewell dinner of the first residency that John Busby held a rallying speech about how artists working together could do great things for nature conservation and which inspired Ysbrand Brouwers to instigate what since then become known as the Artists for Nature Foundation.

Gerda Leegsma passed away on 13 September 2021 after battling for many years with dementia which robbed her of her speech. As a power woman she became known for her company TextCase, a successful all-woman pre-production (editing and translating) service for Dutch publishers. She started the publishing house Benjamin & Partners for the sole reason that certain books simply ought to be out there. Thanks to that ideal ANF’s first book appeared in 1992 and with the exhibition of the same name in Zeist Castle made quite a splash in The Netherlands.

Robin Darcy Shillcock

Welcome to the Artists for Nature Foundation

Established in 1990 Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF) is a unique organisation that uses the creative output of artists producing paintings,  drawings, prints and sculptures, inspired and mostly created on location by renowned and talented artists from all over the world as a medium to draw attention to the need for nature to be appreciated as an essential element of sustainable development.

ANF is a small and flexible organisation that cooperates closely with internationally recognised organisations and NGO's like World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Crossbill Foundation, the Wildlife Trusts in the UK, Birdlife International and others. With the headoffice based in the Netherlands, ANF has branches in several countries around the globe.

ANF acts as a catalyst for nature conservation and is not itself a formal nature conservation organisation. It draws the attention of policy-formulators and decision-makers to the natural world  by enabling  groups of influential and talented artists to capture the spirit of endangered landscapes and species in their natural habitat. Professionally mounted exhibitions of their artworks, DVD's and books that tell the story of each project and place have become collector's items show and tell the stories of the specific project.  All the paintings, drawings, original prints and sculptures - as well as the project books are for sale. Please see the ANF webshop.

Over time the many publications and exhibitions of the artwork have contributed significantly to the efforts of biologists, ecologists, planners, politicians and many others, charged with protecting the natural world. ANF is proud of its 12 succesful projects on 4 continents involving over 130 artists that it has planned, facilitated, raised funds for, project managed and completed with great success - and to great acclaim.

ANF's work is endorsed by former world leaders like former US President Jimmy Carter and royal family members as Queen Noor of Jordan, King Juan Carlos of Spain, the late Prince Philip of the UK and the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

Ysbrand Brouwers,
Founder of ANF


New Project: Lad/Hedrehely, Hungary 2018 – 2020

To celebrate the 25 anniversary of the family estate “Westerheide" in the South of Hungary, ANF has been asked to organise a small project to connect and reconnect the family, staff and the villagers with the value and biodiversity of the estate. In October 2018 6 artists have visited this…

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New Project: Lad/Hedrehely, Hungary 2018 – 2020
A new book of our latest project is now available!

A new book of our latest project is now available!

Book Offer A new book of our latest project is now available! Bringing the Dead Sea to Life Art and Nature at the Lowest Place on Earth 230 pages, full colour illustrations by 18 international wildlife & landscape artists. By the authors Hadas Marcus and Yossi Leshem. €49,50 excluding postage…

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Dode Zee droogt op, badplaatsen zijn verlaten

Het is een ramp voor het milieu maar ook voor toeristen. De Dode Zee droogt op, omdat het waterpeil ieder jaar zakt. Het peil in Dode Zee is gedaald tot het laagste punt uit de geschiedenis. Badplaatsen die ooit aan het strand lagen, zijn verlaten. Bekijk de video op nos.nl:…

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Dode Zee droogt op, badplaatsen zijn verlaten
Dead Sea project Exhibition

Dead Sea project Exhibition

ANF is delighted to share with you the location and dates of the exhibition of its 2017 project “Bringing the Dead Sea to Life”. This project took place around the Dead Sea surrounded Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories. The exhibition will take place in: De oude School Kortenhoefsedijk 145…

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Greg Poole obituary

To our great shock and regret, we had to say goodbye to our friend the artist Greg Poole. I made the first preparation trip for the ANF project in India together with Greg and the late John Busby 24 years ago. An unforgettable trip and so many very fond memories…

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Greg Poole obituary

Recent Projects

Martin Rinik - Bearded Vulture over Masada

Denis Clavreul - Sark village, the avenue

Please support the “The ArtBirds for Nature" NOW!

Birds have inspired generations of artists to create a vast body of work that reflects their passion for the natural world. Their efforts help raise awareness about conservation through exhibitions, books and educational projects. But with increasing pressure on species and habitats from development, agriculture, tourism, hunting, and industrialization, the source of all that inspiration is under threat.

That is why the ArtBirds – a team involved professionally in creating artworks about wildlife and the natural world – are hugely excited about being able to contribute to The Champions of the Flyway project and proud to support bird conservation. If we can’t identify it, we’ll draw it instantly and check later! And the art will become part of the fundraising effort!

Please support our unique team as we draw birds to cross the finish line!

Blog: Bringing the Dead Sea to Life

"Artists for Nature Foundation has recognized that artists can make a significant contribution to the conservation of nature by conveying the feeling and atmosphere of a scene in a way that is quite unique….an eloquent testimony to the concern of artists for the future of the natural world"


HRH the late Duke of Edinburgh President Emeritus of World Wide Fund for Nature



"Nature is not only a matter of numbers and facts, but also a matter of the heart…
Artists are often able to give shape to this love and to make it visible and comprehensible to others"


HRH the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands



"Art for the love of Sark, the Jubilee year project for the Artists for Nature Foundation has had a hugely positive effect on the Islanders. The school children in particular gained so much through their work with the visiting ANF artists. Nature education and conservation now play a regular part in their schooling. Sark also continues to gain much positive publicity through the project book and film."


Michael Beaumont OBE Seigneur of Sark