Utrecht province

Utrecht Province

Project year: 2005

The Artists for Nature Foundation Project of the Utrecht Province in The Netherlands

Sails Wind and Meadow Birds

This is a very special project and a very special book!

It's all about old Dutch Windmills, nature and the pittoresque landscape of the province of Utrecht in Holland.

In 2005 the Utrecht Landscape Foundation (Stichting Utrechts Landschap) and the Artists for Nature Foundation invited twenty-one artists from several countries and the Netherlands to portray the Windmills in the landscape.

When visiting the first windmill the artist group were faced with a sudden Red Kite that swooped between the sails, a couple of White Storks glided past and the windmill interiors looked and sounded like an old sailing ship, and thus the ice was quickly broken!

Godwits, lapwings and redshanks looped and soared over sun-drenched, flower-strew meadows and the orchards were loaded with blossom.

The artists were inspired at once as you can see in this book.

“Sails, Wind, and Meadow Birds”
An “Editor’s Choice” pick of BBC Magazine.



‘Sails, Wind, and Meadow Birds’


Books available through Het Utrechts Landschap.
(The website link is for the Foundation's site, which is in Dutch. You can send an email in English to the Foundation and they can send you the English version of the book.)