Artists for Nature Foundation maintains excellent relationships with over 130 leading international wildlife artists from the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, the USA, and a number of other countries.

Every artist has their own creative interests such as birds, animals, landscapes, people, or the cultural landscape - sometimes in every combination.

Many of these artists have their own websites, and by clicking on the artist's name with an underscore you will go straight to their individual website.

The Artists

First name Last name Country Birthdate Website
First name Last name Country Birthdate Website
Tony Angell USA 1940
Iraida Cano Spain 1959
Barry Dusen, van USA
Hans Geuze The Netherlands 1936
Sybren Graaff, de The Netherlands 1934
Han Hagen, van The Netherlands 1944
Greg Poole England, UK 1960
Andrea Rich USA 1954
Juan Varela Simo Spain 1950
Wolfgang Weber Germany 1936
Siegfried Woldhek The Netherlands 1951
Carry Akroyd England, UK
Regla Alonso Miura Spain 1941
Hock Aun-Teh Scotland, UK
Chris Bacon Canada 1960
Victor Bakhtin USA
Larry Barth USA 1957
Robert Bateman Canada 1930
J.Michael Benington N.Ireland 1933
David Bennett England, UK 1969
Else Bering Denmark 1935
Freek Binsbergen The Netherlands 1962
Theo Boogaard The Netherlands
Derick Bown England, UK
Martin Brandsma The Netherlands 1972
Keith Brockie Scotland, UK 1955
John Busby Scotland, UK 1928
Ad Cameron The Netherlands 1939
Denis Chavigny France 1949
Jean Chevallier France 1961
Denis Clavreul France 1955
Tomasz Cofta Poland
Yvon Corre, le France 1948
Victoria Crowe Scotland, UK 1945
Dave Daly Ireland 1956
Jaap Deelder The Netherlands 1952
Francois Desbordes France 1962
Bernard Desjeux France
Siemen Dijkstra The Netherlands
Charles Donker The Netherlands 1940
Piet Eggen The Netherlands 1949
Eddie Elmhurst England, UK
Jon Fjeldsa Denmark 1942
Julian Friers N.Ireland 1956
Robert Gilmor England, UK
Vadim Gorbatov Russia 1940
Robert Greenhalf England, UK 1950
David Lyn Grimes USA 1952
Andrew Haslen England, UK 1953
Kendra Haste England, UK 1971
Vassilis Hatzirvassanis Greece
Paul Henery England, UK
Jeroen Hermkens The Netherlands 1960
John Hobson England, UK
Nora Howarth England, UK
Derek Hyatt England, UK 1931
Lars Jonsson Sweden 1952
Lammert Joustra The Netherlands
Hilderie Jurriens The Netherlands 1944
Richard Kemp England, UK
Pat and Rosemarie Keough Canada 1945 en 1959
Jaap Kiefte, te The Netherlands 1948
Eugen Kisselmann Germany
Urs Kluyver Germany 1943
Tsunehiko Kuwabara France 1958
Zev Labinger Israel
Dylan Lewis South Africa 1964
Tony Llobet Spain 1975
Joaquin Lopez Rojas Spain 1954
Rosalia Martin Franquelo Spain 1954
James McCallum England, UK 1970
Patty McGuire USA 1953
Lawrence McQueen USA 1936
Harriet Mead England, UK
David Measures Enland, UK 1937
Kim Atkinson Wales, UK 1964
Killian Mullarney Ireland
Cecile Nivet France 1948
Susan Ogle USA 1943
Erik Ommen, van The Netherlands 1956
John Paige England, UK 1927
Peter Partington England, UK 1941
Bruce Pearson England, UK 1950
Dag Peterson Sweden 1939
Nik Pollard England, UK 1970
Bernd Poeppelmann Germany 1946
Dan Powell England, UK 1960
Jose Projecto Portugal 1962
Tim Prutzer USA 1954
Thomas Quinn USA 1938
Darren Rees Scotland, UK 1961
Pascale Rentsch Scotland, UK
Chris Rose Scotland, UK 1959
David Rosenthal USA 1953
Jorg Ruf Germany
Barry Ryan Ireland
Lennart Sand Sweden 1946
Lluis Sanz Spain 1964
Christopher Schmidt Germany 1965
Colin See-Paynton Wales, UK 1946
Greg Septon USA
John Sharp USA 1943
Todd Sherman USA 1955 http://www.toddsherman,com
Tim Shields USA 1955
Robin D'Arcy Shillcock The Netherlands 1953
Milos Sikora France 1945
Hilda Snoeyer The Netherlands 1954
Hans Steffelaar The Netherlands 1940
Meg Stevens Wales, UK
Andrew Stock England, UK
Ari Stolk The Netherlands 1934
Kees Stoop The Netherlands
Staffan Ullstrom Sweden 1949
Matthew Underwood England, UK 1971
Steffen Walentowitz Germany 1962
Claire Walker Leslie USA 1947
John Walters england, UK 1964
Michael Warren England, UK 1938
Vicky White England, UK
Wiktor Wolkow Poland 1942
Darren Woodhead Scotland, UK 1971
John Wright England, UK 1971
Sherrie York USA 1962
Jonathan Yule England, UK 1955
Jun Zhou The Netherlands 1955
Jane Leicester Paige Enland, UK 1936
Paschalis Dougalis Germany
Marco Martinez Espinoza Ecuador 1953
Elie Shamir Israel
Varda Breger Israel
Noam Gonnen Israel
Esther Thyson England, UK
Kioko Mwitiki Kenya
Amir Balaban Israel
Farid Abu Shakra Israel/Palestine
Rosanne Guille England UK
Anna Kirk-Smith England