MacQueen’s Bustard and Sandgrouse

Today the artists had a very early start to see the MacQueen's Bustard and the extremely elusive Sandgrouse. We set off at 5 am, which means in fact 4 am since the clock went an hour forward. With the very first sunlight we arrived at the hide close to the Egyptian border.

Shortly later two Mac Queen's Bustartds started to display

We watched them for a while and then hurried on to go to the goat farm of Celia a few kilometers further. Celia welcomed us with coffee and tea.

Time went by, but the Sandgrouse didn't show up. Obviously they were also irritated by the time change. Anna Kirk-Smith started to prepare the background for her picture, Amir Balaban preferred to relax...

Finally, it had already started to be warm, the Sandgrouse came in. First two, to check the area. When they started to walk towards the little water whole all of a sudden a group of seven flew in. Time for the artists to become very existed - and busy...

This is the artistic impression of Nick Derry:

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