Oder Delta Guesthouse in the small village Kopice, Poland

When we woke up the first morning in the yard of Iwona and Reginald, a pair of Fieldfares was looking for worms next to the camper.
From 3 sides we heard Cranes calling and the Golden Oriole was singing nearby as well.

A White Stork was looking for something to eat in the high grass and the power-line was full of Barn Swallows and House Martins and their nests were glued under the roof rims everywhere.

A few steps from the gate a Roe doe with two calves crossed the road and that same evening during a short walk outside the campsite, we heard several Corn Crakes and saw at least half a dozen Woodcock during their display flight.

Yes, sure, Red-backed Shrike, Wild Boar, Red Deer, singing Nightinggales, everywhere but you better go, stay, see and enjoy it your self!

Ysbrand Brouwers & Renate Zöller

Oder Delta Guesthouse in the small village Kopice, Poland, in the middle of N2000 area Skoszewskie Meadows (Iwona &Reginald ’s place).
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