Greg Poole obituary

To our great shock and regret, we had to say goodbye to our friend the artist Greg Poole.

I made the first preparation trip for the ANF project in India together with Greg and the late John Busby 24 years ago.

An unforgettable trip and so many very fond memories of both of them.
After that first trip Greg joined us on several other projects and it was a delight to have him as one of the group!

In the morning of Thursday January the 10th 2019, together with friends and family, many ANF artists gathered in Bristol, UK. to celebrate Greg, the man, his art, music, his life!

Ysbrand Brouwers

Wildlife artist whose skill derived from his deep understanding of the living world

The wildlife artist Greg Poole, who has died aged 58 after a heart attack, was among the best of a generation who revitalised a tradition always in danger of lapsing into decorative prettiness.

His artwork is distinctive for its bold design and graphic verve, the confidence and intensity of his line, a vivid palette and the successful capture of the continuum of life. Snapshots of the natural world – otters, bees, curlews, bluebells – executed with speed and the intensity of field sketches, coalesce into fully realised pictures of nature at large.

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Greg Poole on Bardsey Island, off the Welsh coast, working on the Flight Lines project in 2015.

Gannets, Bass Rock, 2016, monotype, by Greg Poole
‘as near to total gannet as seems possible’

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