Monthly Archives: March 2017

MacQueen’s Bustard and Sandgrouse

Today the artists had a very early start to see the MacQueen's Bustard and the extremely elusive Sandgrouse. We set off at 5 am, which means in fact 4 am since the clock went an hour forward. 

The Desert Sparrow

From Amir Balaban we learned that the Desert Sparrow builds a large, hollow, round nest of sticks and twigs in which the female lay her eggs. The interior becomes a microclimate that keeps the eggs from becoming too...

En Avdat and the Ben Gurion Centre

Today the artists split in two groups. One part explored the National Park En Avedat, an expressive river bed with huge cliff formations, home to 6 pairs of breeding Griffon Vultures, plentiful ibex and  abundant lizard life!